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Maximize rideshare earnings.

Announcing Free Courses

To help our Rideshare Drivers Community facing the challenges of COVID-19 outbreak, Surge Earning offers a series of training courses free of charge.

App Information

Welcome to Surge Earning

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Surge Earning is the training platform that helps rideshare drivers maximize earnings

Courses General Outline

The New Rideshare Driver

Measure your interests before making the choice to become a rideshare driver 


Learn how to master navigation skills to achieve your
financial goals

Customer Service

Enhance your customer service skills to increase the number of riders and earn more 


Improve your safety skills to mitigate your risk and maximize your profits

The 5-Star Driver

Acquire the skills you need to accomplish your goal of becoming and staying a 5-star driver


How developing better health habits will help you become more productive 

Airport Trips

Maximize your earnings with Airport Trips

Driver Strategy

Learn the best Rideshare driving strategies and practices to maximize your earnings

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