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Maximize rideshare earnings.

The 5-Star Driver – (50% Off)

How to become a 5-Star driver

Star ratings measure how well drivers perform in terms of the quality of the service they provide, their professionalism, and their customer service. The 5-star Rideshare drivers are the ones who deliver pleasant experiences to their passengers. Being a 5-star Rideshare driver starts the moment you step out from home to drive.

Becoming a 5-star driver can take tremendous efforts, patience, and time. To become a 5-star driver, you must be an expert in navigation, a safe driver, and proficient in customer service. The following courses will help you learn and fine tune those skills and accomplish your goal of becoming and staying a 5-star driver. 

Download this course and automatically get 20% off of the original price. 

The 5-star driver course is a combination of three main courses:


Customer Service


If you download The 5-Star Driver Course, there is no need to download Navigation, Customer Service and Safety courses. 

This course includes 

  • 20% OFF (Applied Automatically)
  • PDF File
  • Includes 3 Courses/Modules (Navigation, Customer Service and Safety)
  • 1 hour and 22 Minutes of Audio
  • A Support Video
  • A Quiz
  • Access on Mobile (iOS and Android)

What will I learn?

  • How the Rideshare ratings system works
  • Why ratings are useful to drivers
  • How to become a 5-Star driver
  • What does it really take to become a 5-Star driver?
  1. Navigation
  2. Customer Service
  3. Safety

Important Discount:

The 5-Star Driver Course is offered at a discounted price. Navigation, Safety and Customer Service courses are included as modules in the same package.

If you have already downloaded The 5-Star Driver Course, there is no need to download Navigation, Safety and Customer Service courses. 

Sofiane Ouali

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