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Customer Service – (50% Off)

Customer service is the oxygen of all businesses. Companies like Uber, Lyft, DiDi, Grab and many others strive to keep their customers happy. Sometimes that means hard battles with competitors, which we’ve seen. Sometimes that means offering very tempting promotions. Other times, huge marketing campaigns focused on service are rolled out. Beyond all that, investing in customer service means increasing the number of riders. It’s paramount for a Rideshare companies.

If Rideshare companies have indeed radically changed the transportation industry, it’s because they succeeded where traditional transportation companies failed. They have thrived by maintaining customer service at its highest standard. Therefore, customer service must be a major focus of your business as a Rideshare driver.

In this course, customer service will be made simple. We’ll break down the various aspects of customer service in the ride share industry. In fact, it is a great illustration for the customer versus driver interaction. We think you will find it helpful if you study and re-study this chapter from time to time.

This course includes 

  • PDF File
  • 33 Minutes of Audio
  • A Support Video
  • A Quiz
  • Access on Mobile (iOS and Android)

What will I learn?

  • How to reach customer satisfaction 
  • How to converse with riders
  • How to handle passenger complaints 
  • How to handle negative passenger situations
  • How Rideshare customers like to be treated 
  • How to take the extra step and the extra moves

Important Discount:

Customer Service Course is included as a module in The 5-Star Driver Course/Package at a discounted price. If you have already downloaded The 5-Star Driver Course, there is no need to download Navigation Course. 

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