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Maximize rideshare earnings.

How we started – Surge Earning

How We Started – Surge Earning 

With the rideshare industry worth over $61 billion, it’s no question that companies such as Uber, Lyft, Grab and DiDi, provide a high standard to rideshare driving, from customer service to convenience. This industry is revolutionising transportation, at the tip of your fingertips, order a private car or taxi and connect with your driver in minutes. With the rideshare industry expecting to grow up to $218 billion by 2025, becoming a rideshare driver is considered a legitimate career avenue. 

Here at Surge Earning, we offer a range of educational courses to improve your rideshare skills. Through our blog posts, we will be providing articles and tips on anything and everything to do with rideshare driving. With our training platform, our app allows users to improve their skills and bring rideshare drivers together. To be seen as a respectable Rideshare driver there are several things to consider such as excellent customer service, safety, navigation, driver strategy and your own health and wellbeing. By following these courses, it will help maximise your earnings and increase productivity.

Surge Earning was founded by rideshare driver Sofiane Ouali in San Francisco, the birthplace of the rideshare industry. Through Sofiane’s personal experience within the ridesharing business for over 9 years, he provides valuable insights on how to become the best Rideshare Driver, how drivers can perfect their skills and be more satisfied within their career. By creating custom courses tailored to your needs, it’s easy to enhance your skills through a couple of tests, whether you are a new driver or just looking to up your skills. 

The app is free to download and is available on Android and IOS with each course you can access for as little as $X. There are over 9 different courses, all tailored to your needs. Offering a range of different courses from the new rideshare driver, navigation, safety, airport trips and many more. Knowing that everyone has different learning styles, we have provided a variety of audio, videos, and tests all at your fingertips. With these courses, we can help Rideshare drivers to maximise their earnings, boost efficiency and increase the quality of service with proficient training programs. 

By using this app and its courses, it puts you above the rest of the Rideshare drivers. Each course has a detailed curriculum so you know exactly what you will be gaining from it. With this fast-paced industry it is important to keep up to date with changes to driving. Comment below with what you want to hear about.

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