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Maximize rideshare earnings.

Navigation – (50% Off)

Knowing your way around the city where you drive is a key factor to success and achieving your financial goals. It will help you save time and improve your chances of creating more business opportunities. A good sense of direction paired with good navigation software helps drivers save time and maximize earnings. Furthermore, a driver who is proficient in navigation gives the rider confidence in the service and helps the system to be more efficient.

Many drivers who choose to drive for Rideshare, especially in big cities, have zero knowledge of the city streets, but they end up learning everything about the city they drive in. The knowledge they acquire from learning the city streets and the navigation around help them to understand one big thing—how to make more money.

This course includes 

  • PDF File
  • 20 Minutes of Audio
  • A Support Video
  • 50 Quizzes
  • Access on Mobile (iOS and Android)

What will I learn?

  • The best practices to know your city streets 
  • How to acquire navigation skills to make more money
  • How to properly uses navigation systems and apps and devices 
  • Know and see Rideshare’s own route guidance instructions and systems
  • Rider’s own touch on navigation

Important Discount:

Navigation course is included as a module in The 5-Star Driver Course/Package at a discounted price. If you have already downloaded The 5-Star Driver Course, there is no need to download Navigation Course. 

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