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What to consider before becoming a rideshare driver

What to consider before becoming a rideshare driver

There are several reasons why you might want to become a rideshare driver whether it is changing your career, to just needing a part time job. In this blog we will be going over some of the things to consider before making the choice to become a rideshare driver. With Rideshare driving apps you can do almost anything, nowadays it is even easier than ever before to work and earn from your phone. 

Expectations vs. Reality 

You may think that becoming a rideshare driver will be an easy job and you will be able to make lots of money, however this might not be the case when you first start out. To earn money and get good at your job it takes time and experience, don’t be put off by how little you make at the beginning, like all things in life it just takes time. Depending on the hours you work, the city you live in & Surge hours are all factors that can impact your income. 


Although it seems easy to just apply to any rideshare driving apps, there is a lot to know before you start. Before investing time and resources make sure this is what you want to do. An easy way of doing this is by using our Surge Earning App, our platform allows users to take educational courses designed to help with all aspects of rideshare driving from Navigation, Customer Service to Driver Strategy. With our experience in the rideshare industry for over 10 years it is important to show what things to avoid and what you should do before applying. ‘The New Rideshare Driver’ course is, designed specifically for people who are thinking of getting into the rideshare industry, it allows users to think about whether rideshare driving is the right choice for you. 


Once you have decided you want to become a rideshare driver and you have completed the training and research, there is an important requirements and guidelines to follow. Depending on what Rideshare app you want to work for, the requirements change from company to company. For example Uber’s car requirements can be different to Lyft, so it is important to be aware which company you want to work for. 

There is a number of requirements that are considered, such as: 

·       The minimum age requirements (usually 21 years old)

·       Previous driving experience

·       Car Insurance

·       Background checks

·       What car you can drive (some companies only allow certain models to be used)

Other things to consider

One last thing to consider is customer service. Being a rideshare driver is not just about driving someonefrom A to B. It is a social job, providing a pleasant service. It’s about reading each person, some people are chatty while others like to be quiet, it is important to know what your customers want, as they will be rating you on your service. The higher the service the more rides you will be given. 

These are just some of the things to consider before becoming a rideshare driver. Find more by downloading our course “The New Rideshare Driver”.

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  1. August Ciliento on February 28, 2020 at 12:39 pm

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    • Sofiane Ouali on March 29, 2020 at 12:29 am

      Happy to hear that @August Cliento. Stay tuned, a lot more is coming. You can download our courses to get access to more materials to help you earn more as a Rideshare driver.

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