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The Corona Virus is already hurting the world economy. It has killed hundred thousands of people and sparked panic that sent a chill to all industries globally. As Coronavirus continues its spread, the Rideshare industries like Uber, Lyft and many others are cutting back their services which is causing a major impact on drivers. 

When asked about how the rideshare industry is affected by the coronavirus, an Uber driver told Surge Earning that, “Drivers are really hurt from the damages caused by the virus to the industry. But, we have to respect the health authority decisions to take action to prevent the spread of the virus”.  economic impact for drivers is huge 

To help our Rideshare driver community facing the challenges of COVID-19 outbreak, Surge Earning announced a series of training courses FREE of CHARGE. “On this difficult time, we want drivers focused on their well-being, helping each other, helping the most vulnerable, and get trained totackle the after Covid-19”.

“We hope that Surge Earning’s Initiative will drivers facing uncertainty over the ongoing crisis. We are temporarily adjusting our processes to support drivers and small businesses during these difficult times. We are facing this together, and we want to be part of the solution to help and improve the lives of all Rideshare drivers in all 50 states”. 

Surge Earning will also offer a 24/7 support, and other necessary support. We will be available to answer all your questions and provide explanations how to use our platform in order to get the most benefits possible from our courses. 

We care about our driver community, and we have a strong desire to help you go through this situation with as less damage as possible. These new actions reflect just one of many ways our management teams are working hard every day to assist the drivers. We care about our industry, and we will continue to be actively engaged to deliver our services. The majority of our courses will remain FREE of charge during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our responsibility is to continue to provide services and support the driver community. Our top concern is ensuring the health and safety of everyone. Please continue to abide by all orders and recommendations made by the official health authorities to make sure you stay safe and healthy. 

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